The best way to get exactly what you want is to meet with
me before the session.  I will come to your home and you
can show me where you would like to display your portraits,
and we can discuss sizes options.  I will also take a few
pictures and see your color schemes, style, etc.
Then we can talk about clothing, and location.
I charge $30 for this consultation during weekday mornings,
and $50 for weekends.
The session fee is $70 for weekday mornings and $100 for
After the session we will schedule a proof viewing about one
week after the session. You will come to my studio and view
the proofs and we can discuss your needs and options and
create an order.  Please leave the children with someone else
if possible.
Payment is required at that time, and your order will be
shipped or delivered to you.
I can also post your proofs online for grandparents, or others
than may want prints.  

If you do not wish to have the pre-session consultation or the
proofing session, the session fee is $170 for weekday
mornings and $200 for weekends, and this includes $100 in
prints credit.  And, you can place your order on line.  You
will receive a 15% discount if you place your order and pay
within one week.  It will only be posted for 4 weeks and
there is a $40 fee to repost them.

For payment I accept cash, checks and PayPal. Go to "Credit
Card Payment" page for PayPal.

Price List